5 Tips to Help You Create More Music

Having trouble trying to finish music or would like to produce more music? Here are 5 Tips that will help you produce more music. Show up and Compose everyday. Setup block times of 15, 30 mins, try and compose the […]

Composer Talk with Curtis Schweitzer

I’m honored to have fellow Video Game/Film Composer Curtis Schweitzer as my first guest on Composer Talk. Curtis latest project is an indie game called STAXEL, he’s also scored Starbound, and Earthlight VR, and more. Topics Covered: Composition Career Gear […]

Composing with Coffee #004

Here’s the third installment of Composing with Coffee #004. Join me behind the scenes as we compose a track from scratch. Feel free to join in on the discussion, ask questions, and just have a good time. So grab yourself […]

5 Tips for New Composers Starting Out

When we as composers first start out, we tend to have a very big visions about what we would like to become or certain goals we set for ourselves. In time, some of these goals could not pan out over […]

Hidden Gems: Cinematic Strings Monster Staccatos

In this video of Hidden Gems, I show a simple sample library that consists of 1 patch called Cinematic Strings Monster Staccato. As the name sounds, this patch is great for doing those low-end, massive sounding staccato passages, and I […]

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!

Today’s video is looking back at 2017 and all the progress we made on the channel, with subscribers, new video topics and and introducing live streaming. Also, I ask the community what types of videos and content would you like […]

Adding Reference Tracks to Your Orchestral Template

In this Template Tips video, we are going to discuss the importance of adding reference tracks to your orchestral template. Why should we add reference tracks to your orchestral template? I believe by adding these reference tracks to your template, […]