5 Tips to Make Your Samples Sound Realistic

Here are five tips to help make your samples/midi sound realistic. 1. CC data, use external controller for CC1, CC11 etc. 2. Simulate players breathing, leave room for it. 3. Dynamics 4. Use more articulations 5. Play in parts with […]

Composer Talk #004: Steven McDonald

I sat down with fellow composer Steven McDonald and had a wonderful conversation about being a composer for TV/Library music. I learn quite a bit from Steven on how he makes a full-time living writing 5 songs per week, which […]

Hidden Gems: Angry Brass

In this video of Hidden Gems, we take a look at Performance Samples freebie library called Angry Brass. Angry Brass Patches: 1. Horns 2. Trombones 3. Trumpets Performance Samples Website  

How to setup and use Palette Gear with Cubase

I recently purchase the Palette Gear controller, so I can use it to control a few midi cc’s (CC1, and CC11.) I had a lot of trouble getting it to work with Cubase, but after a long conversation with Steinberg […]

Sample Library Walkthrough: Cinesamples CinePiano

We are taking a look at Cinesamples CinePiano, their new orchestral grand piano. Which is similar to their previous released sample library piano called Piano in Blue, but with more of a Orchestral Grand focus with CinePiano. Here are a […]

Composer Talk #003: Mike Worth

I had the honor to speak with Film, TV and Video Game composer Mike Worth. He’s a seasoned composer with over ten years experience composing professionally. We had such a great time speaking, you’ll most likely see Mike on again […]