1-on-1 Template Building

We all know how tricky setting up an orchestral template can be, in all honesty it can be really frustrating. When I first started creating my templates I would get confused on how it should be setup, how many instruments do I use, how many folders do I need, what reverbs etc.

After searching online forums and YouTube videos to see if I could dig up any helpful information. In the end, it would have just been easier if someone could have worked with me one on one, so I could ask these questions. That’s why I’ve started this consulting, so I can use my knowledge to help others that are struggling with these same questions or issues I dealt with starting out.

 What You’ll Learn

  • Setting up Folders for Instruments/Patches
  • Instrument Articulations (Keyswitching, Individual Articulations, etc.)
  • Sample Libraries (What to use)
  • Bussing and Stemming
  • Mapping MIDI CC
  • Reverb Setup (Which to use, how to use it)
  • Expression Maps (Cubase)
  • Slave Computer with Vienna Ensemble Pro
  • Workflows

Here is a sample of the type of coaching, I can offer to you.

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