Gene Pool (Currently In-Production)

In Gene Pool we follow police detectives Ed Bundy and John Hackman as they investigate the kidnapping of a young girl, Megan, and her brother by a misguided scientist. As the detectives investigate Megan’s kidnapping they find that the scientist has been conducting genetic experiments on humans and is creating monsters. What’s worse is that there is an organization bigger than just this one geneticist engaged in the same type of experiments. Can the detectives find the lair of this organization and put an end to their experiments before more innocent people are transformed?

Teaser Trailer

The Grave Caller

In The Grave Caller a successful teen novelist Sam Tabot is traveling with his wife Veronica to Alderson West Virginia in hopes of unearthing some valuable history he hopes to find at his family’s cabin. Quickly finding his uncle Samuel Talbot’s diary, Sam begins to piece together a macabre history of violence and carnage that lead him to understand truths in his life. Sam begins adding it all together, and just as quickly begins being visited by the same demons who first visited his uncle Samuel. Before Sam can put it all together, he commits the same errors that his uncovering with the same dire consequences.


I wrote this piece of music for the film, called “A Phone Call to Heaven”.