My Composition for the VI Composer Challenge, “Whispering Forest”

Here is a new piece of music I composed for the VI Composer Challenge, here are the details that I had to follow:

Let this image get you started. Your piece can be of any duration, but I’d recommend keeping it under 3 minutes. You may use any instrumentation, write in any genre, and approach your piece however you like. Stay within your comfort zone, or explore somebody else’s.

Your music does not have to ‘match’ the image, but as long as you can explain your thought process behind it and how you think you ended up with your final product.

There is no need to rush, this is not a competition. You are welcome to post drafts for feedback, and refine your piece as we go. If you are struggling, do not feel pressured, but feel free to ask for guidance if you need it.

Have some fun!

I had a lot of fun composing this piece of music, it really made me think about how to structure the music, and how to tell an effective story with the image that was provided (seen above).

Please take a listen and post your comments below!