Cinesamples CineHarps Review

I’m taking a look at the new sample library just released from Cinesamples called CineHarps. This is an update to their previous Harp library called CineHarp.

I give my first impressions, a demo of each patch included with CineHarps, and finally we do a comparison between EastWest’s Hollywood Harp, Spitfire’s Skaila Kanga Harp and the original Harp from Cinesamples.

Please visit Michael Patti’s video, to see a complete walkthrough of CineHarps features.

Here’s a breakdown of patch list:

Main Patches

01 Concert Harp
02 Harp Glissandi
03 Harp Glissandi Ad Lib
04 Harp Harmonics
05 Harp Xylophonics
06 Harp Pedal Buzz FX
07 Harp Bisbigliandi FX
08 Harp Scrape FX
09 Harp Slide FX
10 Harp Thunder Crash + Palm Slaps
11 Harp 2
12 Harp 3

Split Patches

01 Harp Major Glissandi
02 Harp Harmonic Minor Glissandi
03 Harp Major Pentatonic Glissandi
04 Harp Octatonic Glissandi
05 Harp Half Diminished Glissandi
06 Harp Full Diminished Glissandi
07 Harp Whole Tone Glissandi

Extra Patches

01 Harp Pad
02 Bass Harp
03 Sub Pluck
04 Cable Snaps
05 Harp Dubstep (MOD)
06 Sitar
07 Banjo