Sample Library Walkthrough: Spitfire Audio Albion One (10th Anniversary)

We are looking at Spitfire Audio Albion One library. Spitfire Audio is celebrating the 10th anniversary, since Albion One was first released.

Here’s what’s new:

1. New UI and NKS Support
2. Orchestral: 15 new combination patches, combining different techniques and instrument groups in exciting ways
3. Percussion: Additional Easter Island hits plus new mixes by Jake Jackson
4. Stephenson’s Steam Synth: 63 new sounds and 67 presets, all by Spitfire Co-Founder Christian Henson
5. Brunel Loops: 78 new recordings across 8th, 16th and 12th rhythmic patterns, plus 90 new presets, including 51 from Christian Henson


For more information about Albion One, please visit Spitfire Audio’s website:

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