Composer Talk with Curtis Schweitzer

I’m honored to have fellow Video Game/Film Composer Curtis Schweitzer as my first guest on Composer Talk. Curtis latest project is an indie game called STAXEL, he’s also scored Starbound, and Earthlight VR, and more. Topics Covered: Composition Career Gear […]

5 Tips for New Composers Starting Out

When we as composers first start out, we tend to have a very big visions about what we would like to become or certain goals we set for ourselves. In time, some of these goals could not pan out over […]

How to Deal with Writer’s Block?

Writer’s block plagues even the best composers, It’s apart of the creative process.¬†You should not feel ashamed or concerned if your dealing with a creative block or have in the past. Here are five tips to help you beat your […]

What DAW Should I Use?

If your just getting started to compose music with a computer or undecided on which DAW is right for your, here’s a few things to consider when choosing a DAW to compose music with. I’m going to give a basic […]

How to be a better Composer?

We are all looking at ways to write better music and grow as composers. Here are five tips, that I think will help you improve your music and grow as a composer. Transcribe/Score Study Listen to other genres of music/study […]