Adding Reference Tracks to Your Orchestral Template

In this Template Tips video, we are going to discuss the importance of adding reference tracks to your orchestral template. Why should we add reference tracks to your orchestral template? I believe by adding these reference tracks to your template, […]

Cinematic Studio Solo Strings Review

I’m taking a look at the new sample library just released from Cinematic Studio Series, called Cinematic Studio Solo Strings. I give my first impressions, a demo of each patch included with Cinematic Studio Solo Strings, and finally we do […]

How to Divide your Track List in Cubase 9

I get asked this question quite a bit in my template videos, how do you separate your track list in Cubase. Here’s a quick video, showing the steps. On the right hand side of Cubase’s project window, you should see […]

How to Optimize the Performance of KONTAKT 5

If you’re having trouble with your computer’s performance, here are a few tips you can use to optimize Kontakt 5. If your on a computer with 16GBs, these tips should help you configure your system to run smoother. 1. Purge […]

What DAW Should I Use?

If your just getting started to compose music with a computer or undecided on which DAW is right for your, here’s a few things to consider when choosing a DAW to compose music with. I’m going to give a basic […]