Adding Reference Tracks to Your Orchestral Template

In this Template Tips video, we are going to discuss the importance of adding reference tracks to your orchestral template. Why should we add reference tracks to your orchestral template? I believe by adding these reference tracks to your template, […]

How to Organize Your Sample Libraries

In today’s Quick Tip video, we are going to explain how to organize your sample libraries across multiple hard drives. How should you organize your sample libraries? 1. Spread them across multiple hard drives 2. Create folders for each Sample […]

Cinesamples CineHarps Review

I’m taking a look at the new sample library just released from Cinesamples called CineHarps. This is an update to their previous Harp library called CineHarp. I give my first impressions, a demo of each patch included with CineHarps, and […]

Retrospective MIDI Record in Cubase 9

Ever wished you hit the record button when you were playing in a MIDI line, this quick tip will help fix that. You will need to use the key command Shift + Num*, to activate Retrospective MIDI Record.

How to be a better Composer?

We are all looking at ways to write better music and grow as composers. Here are five tips, that I think will help you improve your music and grow as a composer. Transcribe/Score Study Listen to other genres of music/study […]