How to Divide your Track List in Cubase 9

I get asked this question quite a bit in my template videos, how do you separate your track list in Cubase. Here’s a quick video, showing the steps. On the right hand side of Cubase’s project window, you should see […]

Retrospective MIDI Record in Cubase 9

Ever wished you hit the record button when you were playing in a MIDI line, this quick tip will help fix that. You will need to use the key command Shift + Num*, to activate Retrospective MIDI Record.

How to be a better Composer?

We are all looking at ways to write better music and grow as composers. Here are five tips, that I think will help you improve your music and grow as a composer. Transcribe/Score Study Listen to other genres of music/study […]

Using Metagrid for iOS with Cubase 9

I’ve been using this iOS app called Metagrid from, it’s completely changed my Cubase workflow, and how I work in Cubase 9. Currently, this is on iOS only, not sure if they will bring to other platforms in the […]

How to Navigate your Composing Template Faster

If your like me than you struggle trying to navigate 500+ tracks in your composing template.I have a really quick solution to speed up your time with two key commands in Cubase, called Show Channels/Tracks with Data and Show All […]

How to Setup Expression Maps in Cubase 9

Here is a quick guide/tutorial on setting up expression maps in Cubase 9. If you run a big template with single track instances of each instrument articulations, this could help you save on tracks and computer resources. Here is Steinberg’s […]