It’s taken years for me to build my own home recording studio. I’ve had the dream of building my own since I was in high school. My first “home recording studio” started on an old cassette tape deck, which had two slots for microphone inputs, which were for recording the left and right channels. I’ve come a long way since those days. Here is a break down of my current setup, shown in the picture above.

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My Hardware

My Software

My Sample Libraries


CineStrings Core, CineString Solo, CineStrings Runs, CineBrass Core/Pro, CinePerc, CineWinds Core/Pro, CineHarp & CineHarps, Piano in Blue, VOXOS, Drums of War 1 and 2, and Hollywood Winds

Cinematic Studio Series

Cinematic Studio Strings, Cinematic Studio Solo Strings, Cinematic Studio Piano

East West

Hollywood Orchestra Diamond (Woodwinds, Strings, Percussion, Brass, and Harp), Goliath, Piano’s Platinum, Stormdrum 2, and Silk

Musical Sampling

Adventure Brass, Soaring Strings

Native Instruments

Komplete 11

Orchestral Tools

Berlin Woodwinds, Orchestral String Runs

Performance Samples

Oceania, and River Piano

Sample Modeling

French Horn and Tuba 3, The Trumpet 3, The Trombone 3


Omnisphere 2


Albion One, Albion II Loegria, HZ01, Soft Piano (Labs), Skaila Kanga – Harp Redux